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  • What would be the role of teacher once we used Learn Education solutions? Can school reduce number of teacher in school?

    Teacher still plays very important role as facilitator as part of our integrated solution. Learn Education provides teacher training and seminar program to help teacher improve their engagement with their students. We strongly believe that good relationship between teachers and students would cultivate engaging learning experience for students.

  • Do we need internet at school?

    Internet is required for only the server connection in order to update the contents from our centralized servers. There is no need for students’ PC to connect to the internet.

  • What is the estimate cost of implementation?

    The cost is varied by locations and type of set up. Please reach out to our hotline (081-771-1101, 086-320-0063) for more information.

  • Will donor eligible for 200% allowance and deduction?

    Yes, donor can claim for 200% tax allowance and deduction in case the school is listed as eligible by Thailand Revenue Department

  • Our school has limit computer room and computers, will this be the constraints of adopting Learn-Ed solution?

    We need to check whether the computer room is fully utilized during 45 periods of a week.

  • Are the Learn Education’s text books/training materials certified by Thai MOE?

    We are in progress of getting the training materials certified. However, all the text books/training materials have been proofed by leading University(e.g. Chulalongkorn University). The quality of text books is generally higher that the typical text books in the market.