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We are building a community of people who are passionate about developing products that will positively impact people’s lives at scale. We’re excited about building innovative solutions for life-long learning. We are a diverse group of people – educators, designers, data scientists, engineers and technologists – looking to leverage our collective backgrounds to positively shape the education system for the next generation. We have many openings from software engineers, designers, marketers, business operations and educators. As long as you’re passionate about education – reach out, get in touch!

By joining us, you become part of a movement to improve the well-being of society through one of its most important elements – education. Here, we look at things in the big picture: We are not giving students lessons just for them to pass a test. We are looking at how to transform society by developing students’ intellect, morals, and workplace competencies.

We’ve got spaces for our teams to share ideas and to test them out. We’re not afraid to ask how we can innovate and use technology to make the classroom more effective.

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Open House / Internship

Our doors are open for those who are interested in the work that we do. Whether your organization or university has teams or clubs that are interested in understanding more about our work, or whether you are an individual interested in pursuing an internship with us, please contact us for Open House and internship opportunities. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Our Office Space


In addition to cozy meeting rooms, co-working areas, and spaces to get some more private concentration, we have a brand new lounge-like space that encourages casual interaction among staff, while also having tables and desks for serious work.