Our Story

to make a change in Thai education

One of the biggest problems facing Thai education is student drop-out rates. Low national examination (the O-Net) scores has caused many students to drop out of school every year, halting their education short and cutting access to important life opportunities . Between 2008-2013, more than 170,000 Thai students dropped out of school.

In addition, there is an alarming lack of qualified K-12 teachers in the system. Many teachers do not have the requisite background and preparation to deliver quality instruction in the subjects they currently teach. Moreover, they are overburdened with administrative duties and other responsibilities that pull them away from their actual focus: to teach.

These challenges inspired the founding team of Learn Education. With great determination to fight for better education for all, Learn Education provides a solution that ambitiously tackle the very heart of the issue in an innovative and sustainable way.

Having achieved traction in over a hundred schools in Thailand, our goal is to reach 3,000 schools in the next five years. Furthermore, we now have our sights set to expand our impact to the rest of Asia. We have come a long way, from identifying leverage points in Thai education, to developing technology that can increase student engagement, while lowering the drop-out rate.

Our belief is that technology with the appropriate learning content, supportive software and, most importantly, the right implementation process can improve learning and teaching experiences for all.