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Founded in 2011, Learn Education’s mission is to innovate learning platforms by leveraging technology to provide quality education. Our platform helps teachers to equip students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to become self-learners and responsible critical thinkers. Our solution has proven to increase student motivation and engagement , helping over 100 schools achieve higher academic performance in 2016.

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Innovative learning on a new online platform. For better learning achievement of students and schools That can answer the question in every situation And from the recent epidemic of COVID-19, this Online Blended Learning system has supported learning. In more than 300 schools covering 50 provinces in every region, children can expand their studies to more than 100,000 people nationwide.


One of the biggest problems facing Thai education is student drop-out rates. Low national examination (the O-Net) scores has caused many students to drop out of school every year, halting their education short and cutting access to important life opportunities . These challenges inspired the founding team of Learn Education. With great determination to fight for better education for all, Learn Education provides a solution that ambitiously tackle the very heart of the issue in an innovative and sustainable way.

Acceptance from school

Having achieved traction in over a hundred schools in Thailand, our goal is to reach 3,000 schools in the next three years. Furthermore, we now have our sights set to expand our impact to the rest of Asia. We have come a long way, from identifying leverage points in Thai education, to developing technology that can increase student engagement, while lowering the drop-out rate.
Our belief is that technology with the appropriate learning content, supportive software and, most importantly, the right implementation process can improve learning and teaching experiences for all.

All students in Thailand have access to quality education to achieve academic excellence and become critical thinkers with good moral judgement.


To leverage technology in assisting teachers to deliver quality instruction, humanizing the student-teacher interaction.

Our Model

School identification

Identify the schools who share our visions for impact to achieve the best result


Preliminary assessment of a school’s capacity and readiness for Learn Education’s solutions


The school must have the capacity to accommodate technology which is the most fundamental part for blended learning


Train teachers to use our product in real class settings for an extensive period of time


Re-assesses the school’s progress after implementation


National Innovation Awards 2020

  • National Innovation Awards 2020
  • Epic Foundation

  • Epic Foundation

  • BETT Asia 2015

  • BETT Asia 2015
  • Social Enterprise Awards

  • Social Enterprise Awards
    • The Reflections│Thoughts from Educational Experts

      We see true dedication in Learn Education in researching on how they can help students in urban and rural areas gain better understanding of their subjects through technology.

      Dr. Chainarong Monthienvichienchai

      chancellor of St. John’s University Bangkok

      ``Right now, Thai education is in a high state of inequality. So we try to use technology to help teachers and students. If we do good things With good intentions And the correct method Success is waiting for us. If we don't give up ``

      Tanin Timthong

      Co Founder & Managing Director at Learn Education

      Learn Education is a social enterprise that has received awards at the national level. It is an excellent example of how to use social enterpreneurship for education. Learn Education has proven that social enterpreneurship can truly be effective.

      Nuttaphong Jaruwannaphong

      Director of the Thai Social Enterprise Office (TSEO)